NBA 2K13 – How To Create The Best My Player | Cheese ? Yes please !

This is certainly not to be taken seriously, but is definatly a way to abuse aka cheese in NBA 2K13. With this MyPlayer you will be able to score easily and efficiently while at the same time being agile enough on the court to play good defense. Furthermore, you will face a lot of missmatches (to your advantage) and get easy rebounds or blocks ! 😉

Short summary of what you have to do in order to create the best My Player in NBA 2K13:

1. Create a Small Forward (3PT Specialist)

2. Make him 7 ft tall and weighing around ~260lbs

3. Give him a quick and high release shot (I used Form 27, Base 8)

The rest is pretty much up to you. Though I suggest giving him very fast dribble moves, so you will stay agile on the court.

The advantages of a 7ft tall SF opposed to a Power Forward or Center is the speed, ability to move around the court faster and having lots of miss matches. You will be surprised how many open 3 point shots you will be getting and how easy it is to guard your match up. You will start with an 82 3PT rating which is already pretty high, but you can further improve that to a 99 rating … which is insane considering my Point Guard is capped at a 95.


7 responses to “NBA 2K13 – How To Create The Best My Player | Cheese ? Yes please !

  1. you have to play efficient and overall good

    and, the most important thing, play for your team, not for yourself!!!

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