NBA 2K13 – How To Get UNLIMITED Fans | Get Every Endorsement In MyCareer

Just a very quick tutorial on how to get unlimited fans in NBA 2K13 MyCareer. If you adjust the number of Twitter fans, you will see that you will get all the new endorsements, advertisements and commercials. So I’m assuming the number of Twitter fans and endorsements you get are related.

I only tried this with 5 million fans, but I suppose if you go higher you will get even more billboards?

For now I’ll say R.I.P. to this account on my PC (it wasn’t being used anyways lol), because I am moving on to Xbox 360 and will show you my journey in the NBA, on the Blacktop and of course provide you with many tutorials about anything and everything that’ll help you quickly improve your MyPlayer.  🙂

Cheers Nike

Ps: I just did this for fun. I’m not actually using these hacks and really enjoy playing a lot of hours of NBA 2K13 to get my player to a great overall rating. Please don’t judge me based on this video, its merely a tutorial to help others who want to try this out. Thanks. 🙂


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