8 responses to “Poll: NBA 2K13 or NBA Live 13?

  1. Nba live is also very unrealistic……you can dunk from literally the top of the key, and there is no way of stopping it.

    • make the game more about my player get deep into it my player like maybe playing a game in the street that how it start off then your mom calls u in the house andf says some coach want u to play for his team in a gym and people going to be watch(d-leauge)maybe nba then if u make it make alot of question to anwers and do videos of the player doing other things besises basetball like partys,child photo togther show video of my player getting of the tour bus to play a usa game and your my player signing autographs

      • kind of make nba 2k13 like ufc undisputed 2 not like it i mean the interviews and photo pic and have your player signing autographs and more make this nba 2k13 the best basketball game u ever made and u can never make a game that better then it. and game makers please read my other comment

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